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9 tips for Black and White Street Photography

Many photographers enjoy taking street photos and converting them to black and white. Black and white photos grab people’s attention because they are different than how we see. They are like an altered reality. Because we always see color, black and white photos of every day life can make it seem more interesting. Monochrome photos are simpler and have fewer distractions than color images. Here are eight tips that will help you take better black and white street photos: Think in black and white. Find a good place to stand where the light and shadows are interesting. Previsualize your compositions in black and white. Photograph in RAW Switch your monitor and electronic viewfinder to black and white. Explore various composition rules. Incorporate motion blur with movement. Manage your depth of field. Don’t always use very narrow or very wide aperture settings. Take your time. Don’t be in a rush. I hope you find these tips helpful and that you can incorporate them into your black and white street photography.

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