Excavator vibrating tamping rammer is mainly used with excavator, installed in the original bucket position on the front-end of boom, using the excavator's hydraulic drive and control. Simple structure, convenient in operation and maintenance. Applicable to a variety of terrain and a variety of operation ways. lt can complete plane compaction, inclined plane compaction, the steps to consolidate, cement pits of groove and other complex foundation ramming processing.
Working Flow(L/min)20-4040-6060-8080-120
Vibration Plate(mm)700*480844*8501120*8951350*1080
Working Pressure (mpa)13-1513-1513-1513-16
Dimensions (mm)800*480*6851000*850*8381313*895*9921578*1080*1128
Weight (kg)3005709601320Vibration Rammer