(Test condition: 1000W/m2,  AM1.5,  25℃)
ELECTRICAL CHARACTERISTIC                                               
Maximum Power Watt130W135W140W145W
Production Tolerance
Maximum Power voltage V18.4318.5018.7918.97
Maximum Power currentA7.057.297.457.64
Open circuit voltageV22.0722.1422.4322.57
Short circuit currentA7.557.807.948.13
Cell Efficiency
NOCT (Nominal operating cell temperature)47℃(+2℃)
Temperature coefficient of Isc       +0.05%/℃
Temperature coefficient of Voc-0.33%/℃
Temperature coefficient of power-0.5%/℃
Temperature coefficient of Im+0.05%/℃
Temperature coefficient of Vm-0.33%/℃
Temperature Range-40°C to +90°C
Max Load5400 Pa
Maximum   system voltage1000V(TUV)/600V(UL)
MECHANICAL CHARACTERISTICS                                                  
Number of cells36pcs    
Size of cells (wide and high)156mmx156mm   
Front Glass3.2mm
Size of module (wide and high)1470*670*35mm
Weight per piece              Kg12.0kg
Frame (type, material and thickness)       Anodized aluminium alloy frame,35 thickness
Type of junction box IP65 with bypass diode
Cable type and length,
Connector type PV cable, 0.9m
MC4,Plug and socket
10 years product warranty
10 years power output ≥90%
25 years power output ≥80%Solar Lamps