The Name of Product: D delta mixed tocopherols
Appearance: Brownish red viscous oil
Specification: 70%, 80%
Mixed tocopherols soy origin is our leading product. There are four components of mixed tocopherol, respectively alpha tocopherol, belta tocopherol, delta tocopherol and gamma tocopherol. D delta mixed tocopherols blend has the strongest antioxidant activity of these tocopherols, so people often choose delta tocopherol as as an antioxidant. Mixed tocopherols soy sourced is drived from soybean fatty acid which also be called soybean deodorized distillate, because it is rich in natural Vitamin E in soybean deodorized distillate. We extract d delta mixed tocopherols blend from mixed tocopherols through a series of safe and strict procedure. We control it from realiable supplier source.
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